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Eureka Seven Manga Volume 3

Holland and Dewey clash, and Holland is forced to confront a past that he'd rather forget. Do Renton and Eureka hold the key to the future?.

Title: Eureka Seven Manga Volume 3 Volume: 3 Release Date: Available Now! ISBN: 978-1-59409-692-1 Publisher: Bandai Entertainment SRP: $9.99 Size: 5" wide X 7.5" long Page Count: 180, Black and White Recommended Age*: Young Adult Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure

©Jinsei KATAOKA 2005 ©Kazuma KONDOU 2005 ©2005BONES/Project EUREKA-MBS Originally published in Japan in 2005 by KADOKAWA SHOTEN PUBLISHING CO., LTD., Tokyo.
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