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Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Vol. 2

Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Vol. 2

The year is 2308…Celestial Being continues its armed intervention to rid the world of conflict using the Gundams. To oppose them, the AEU, Union and the Human Reform League have banded together, forming a powerful alliance. Against their new strength, Celestial Being finds itself on the verge of collapse. What actions can Fereshte take in these changing times? What does the future hold for them?

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Vol. 2 Volume: 2 Release Date: Now Available! ISBN: 978-1-60496-197-3 Publisher: Bandai Entertainment SRP: $10.99 Size: 5" wide X 7.5" long Page Count: 180, Black and White Recommended Age*: Young Adult Genre: Science Fiction

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