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Witchblade Takeru Manga Collection

Witchblade Takeru Manga Collection

The complete two-volume series reprinted in one omnibus edition!

Takeru is a young Japanese girl. She lives in a convent and is being raised by Buddist nuns. But the convent holds a dark secret: a chamber houses a box, of which inside is locked the Witchblade — a powerful artifact that has existed throughout the ages. Takeru has nightmares about the Witchblade, not understanding what they mean. But when demons attack the convent, Takeru discovers the Witchblade and unwittingly becomes it’s bearer!

Title: Witchblade Takeru Manga Collection Volume: 1 Release Date: Available Now... ISBN: 978-1-60496-190-4 Publisher: Bandai Entertainment SRP: $19.99 Size: 5" wide X 7.5" long X 0.5" high Page Count: 400, Black and White Recommended Age*: Mature Readers (ages 16 and up) Genre: Adventure

©Yasuko Kobayashi, Kazasa Sumita ©2006 Top Cow Productions, Inc. ∙ GONZO/CBC ∙ GDH ∙ SPWT
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